Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HUFSD Fall Adult Education Programs

All courses may be registered by mail and will be filled in order that forms and checks are received. Mail-in registration must arrive prior to the first class. NOTE: UNLESS YOU ARE NOTIFIED OTHERWISE, YOU ARE TO ASSUME THAT YOU ARE REGISTERED AND THAT YOU ARE TO COME TO THE FIRST CLASS MEETING. NO LETTERS OF ACCEPTANCE WILL BE SENT. You may pick up a brochure & registration form at the Huntington Public Library. For more information please call the Adult Education Office at (631) 673-2010.

Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money With Your Voice
Monday, November 7th 6:30-9:00pm
Huntington High School, Room 110

Have you ever been told you have a great voice? This exciting seminar will explore numerous aspects of voice over work for television, film, radio, audio books, documentaries & the internet in your area. All the basics will be covered, including ho to prepare the all-impotant demo & how to be successful & earn great income in this exciting field.

How to Save for a College Education
Tuesday, November 15th 7:00-8:30pm
Huntington High School Room 113
Have you noticed how quickly the costs of college education are rising? This seminar will focus on all aspects of college education savings & planning.


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