Friday, January 15, 2016

Ophthalmic Assistant Technician & Optician Programs

Suffolk Community College Office of Continuing Education is offering a non-credit Ophthalmic Assistant Technician & Optician Program. This program will provide enrollees with the knowledge & skills necessary to obtain employment in optical centers under the supervision of a licensed optician , or in an ophthalmic office as an ophthalmic assistant. Participants must have a High School Diploma or a High School Equivalency. Certain income-eligible participants may be able to take this class free of charge.

Part I: Ophthalmic Assistant Technician & Optician Program: (145 Hours)
Tuition $1,595
Prerequisite: High School or HSE Diploma; One Year High School Algebra

1. Math Brush-Up (24 Hours)
2. Overview of Ophthalmic Medicine (6 Hours)
3. Community Ophthalmic Practice-hands on- (15 Hours)
4. Introduction to Medical Law & Ethics (12 Hours)
5. Introduction to Medical Law Terminology (24 Hours)
6. Introduction to Optics & Lensometry-hand on- (15 Hours)
7. Communication Skills (8 Hours)
8. Ophthalmic Calculation-hands on- (15 Hours)
9. Excel for the Health Care Professional-hand on-(15 Hours)
10. Ophthalmic Observation (11 Hours)

Part II: Ophthalmic Technician Program: (205 Hours)
Tuition $1, 595
Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Part I

1. Advanced Ophthalmic Calculations (6 Hours)
2. Advanced Lensometry (45 Hours)
3. Office Procedures Insurance & Inventory Procedures (12 Hours)
4. Introduction to Spanish for Health Care (15 Hours)
5. National Certification Exam Preparation (15 Hours)
6. Optical Instruments (12 Hours)
7. Field Work/Externship/resume Preparation (100 Hours)

*All participants must pass an entrance exam before being accepted into the program. Program begins on February 23rd. Please contact Andrea Dunkirk at (631) 451-4552 to discuss the program or schedule an appointment to take the exam.*


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